My Story

Growing up in the Rust Belt, my life story is prototypical for many who were raised in
Michigan. Generations of families in my hometown  carved out comfortable middle-class lifestyles working at the local auto plant. The pay was top notch and overtime
was plentiful. The “boomers” saved what they could so their children could realize the dreams of a college education they never knew. I’m a byproduct of those dreams.

I graduated from Michigan State University with a journalism degree to tell the
stories of everyday Americans. After four internships in professional newsrooms and one with a wire service, I simply can’t see myself doing anything else.

In 2010, I interned with the Columbus Dispatch in Ohio where I split time on the science and state news beats. During my stint in the “Buckeye state,” I penned articles ranging from struggling horse-rescue centers battling to stay afloat to Columbus’ transition to a “green fleet” of hybrid buses for public transit. I’ve also had internships with the Saginaw News and Lansing State Journal. At the Saginaw News, I was honored to document the unbridled patriotism of the late Bob Heft — the designer of the 50-star American flag — in two profile pieces that were published nationwide. While interning at the State Journal, I saw the dedication of several volunteers who mentored boys for Big Brothers, Big Sisters, while also writing about the bright-eyed enthusiasm of Nepal refugees eager to begin computer classes at a local church.  As a correspondent for Michigan State University’s Capital News Service — a wire service used by nearly 30 newspapers and online outlets statewide — I examined state issues and sometimes interviewed politicians about pending legislation or top officials in key state posts dealing with transportation and agriculture. It was there where I reported about the state of the auto industry after the government bailed them out and tracked down congressman to see why they supported budget cuts for early childhood education programs.

My passion and versatility is exactly what your company needs. By retelling the sagas of America’s working and middle-classes, I’ll also give my own region a voice.
That’s motivation in itself to pursue a journalism career.

You can contact me at


1 thought on “My Story”

  1. Rebbecca McMillan said:

    Congrats on everything Vince.

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